Mastering is the process of getting the final mix ready for the pressing plant or the web. The mix is transferred to the computer. The whole mix is then adjusted for bass, treble, and midrange, possibly stereo enhanced, and compressed if necessary. Much effort is put into getting the project to sound as loud on the CD as other similar product that is out in the marketplace. We cannot adjust the levels of individual tracks like we can in mixing. We also use some tricks to get the mix to sound punchy on the radio. The mastering engineer is always trying to enhance the feel that the artist or producer intended. Finally, we put the songs in the right order, and adjust the spacing. The last step is to encode the product with text and ISRC codes.


What Do I Turn In For Mastering?


When it is time for mastering you must turn in your “Mix Master”. This is usually a 24 bit mix master or audio CD. You can not turn in a Protools file for Mastering. When you are mixing, make sure your engineer makes you 2 copies of the mix. One copy should not be played. This should be turned in for mastering. You may turn in multiple CD’s for mastering. There is no need to make a copy of all the masters on one CD. The mastering engineer will load all masters and put the songs in the right order.


ISRC Codes

An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a 12 character code embedded into each track as your master is created. The code identifies the track as belonging to you and facilitates logging radio play and royalty collection particularly for digital downloads. To apply for ISRC registration codes visit:  The Disc is an ISRC Code Manager which gives us the ability to assign ISRC Codes for you. If you  require per track ISRC codes, please request this service when placing your mastering order and  clearly indicate each code next to the respective track on your track listing sheet if you already have your codes.


Big Sean returns to The Disc!! 

Complex Magazine was in doing a story on how Big Sean got started. Check what Big Sean has to say about The Disc at 3:15 and 4:43 into the video!!


Big Sean2

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